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Due to bylaw zoning enforcement issues, the City of Brantford has forced the Museum's Carnival Fun Factory to close its two feature elements, the artefact collection and amusement ride park section. However, the Fun Factory, archives, and artefacts will be available for research purposes and the gift shop remains open.

Because of our difficulties with the City, the Carnival Museum will take its collection on the road. At our first event the Museum will operate the "Patty Conklin" three abreast Merry-Go-Round for the full 20 week season opening May 7th at beautiful Chinguacousy Park in downtown Brampton.

The Museum complete collection of seven rides will be on display and operating as HAPPYLAND AMUSEMENT PARK opening on Canada Day July 1st, 2016. Full details to follow!

The Carnival Museum (NACMA)


The North American Carnival Museum and Archives (NACMA) is a not-for-profit incorporated entity with charitable status. It is committed to the preservation, presentation and promotion of the history of Carnivals, Circuses, Fairs, Exhibitions and Amusement Parks in North America and it is the owner and operator of The Carnival and Circus Museum.

The Carnival Museum opened in Ottawa in 2008 and moved to Brantford in 2015. Because of a zoning issue, the City of Brantford closed the Museum to the public in 2016. To reopen, the Carnival Museum is presently looking for a new home. In the meantime, the Museum is taking our artefacts on the road becoming the world's only traveling carnival museum.

“40 Miler” Collection

Our Heritage Collection consists of over 2000 pieces of midway paraphernalia, including rides, game and food booths ... enough for a small show. This Carnival is available to play fairs and festival in southern Ontario. For information please call 647-473-RIDE (7433).

The early carnivals transported their rides, shows, games, performers, staff and the rest by rail. The Conklin “Show Train” with the bright orange passenger, box and flat cars, moved from “Winter Quarters” to Fairs, Rodeos, Festivals and other events “Still Dates” Canada-wide by train.

The Show Train

The Carnival Museum would not be complete without its very own Show Train. This year, we purchased our own 1860 miniature trackless train with its very own steam engine and complete with coal, passenger and caboose cars. The Great Museum Express is a passenger train that caters up to 24 kids and 15 parents. We are taking our Show Train as a feature attraction to many varied locations such as shopping malls, festivals, libraries, city parks, winter carnivals and museums.

2018 Show Train Schedule will be posted here soon!

BOOK NOW – The Great Museum Express. CALL 647-473-RIDE (7433)

Museum Winter Quarters
114 Alice St.
Brantford ON, N3S 5B7


Conklin Shows

The Conklin Shows web site is dedicated to documenting the intriguing history of the Conklin carnival operations which span almost a century, from 1916 to present day. The site’s goal is to help preserve all components of the North American outdoor amusement industry, in particular the carnivals; information covers manufacturers, suppliers, amusement parks, fairs, independent shows, rides, games, and food operators (contractors). The site hosts The Carnival Museum Fun Factory that makes available to the public many carnival games, rides and artefacts which have been carefully restored from various periods throughout the Conklin history.

Canada’s Conklin Shows & Conklin Shows International provided the midways at Miami Florida’s Dade County Fair, Calgary Alberta’s Calgary Stampede, The Canadian National Exhibition and many, many other venues across Canada and the United States. While both were sold in 2004 to a US conglomerate, Conklin Shows continues as a smaller carnival entity but with the same long-standing philosophy, corporate logo and many of the same senior staff. The carnival office and winter quarters still make their home in Brantford, Ontario. Today, the show's two units play some 60 fairs and events across Ontario.

This site — ConklinShows.com — is dedicated to Conklin History and in addition the site’s goal is to help preserve all components of the North American Outdoor Amusement industry, in particular the carnivals. It will  include all facets of the outdoor amusement industry, manufacturers, suppliers, amusement parks, fairs, and independent shows, rides, games, and food operators (contractors).

The Conklin Shows history includes our route listsindependents, fairs and events starting from the 1920s. Many of our past employees can be found in the alumni section; it’s the thousands of  these Conklin carnies that were responsible for the success of the many units and operations over the years.